About USA Freedom PT

About The USA Freedom PT

The Freedom PT has been redesigned and built to say Thank You to everyone who has fought for our Freedom. With the new PTeazer front end and rear retro roll pan as well as the new cowl induction hood.

With the talents of airbrush artist Eric Ward and the body and paint experts at Indy Body Werks – Brian & Brad Nordmeyer, we then transformed the look into an unbelievable display thanking our Heroes for protecting our FREEDOMS. The Freedom PT speaks to us through the Wars of our lifetime and it speaks volumes in letting us all know that, “FREEDOM is NOT FREE!” Thank you to ALL who have fought and are fighting for our FREEDOM!!

On the hood we have the New York skyline displayed in black and white, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the Twin Towers – in memory of the way it use to be,,,, We Will Never Forget!!!! Eric did it in such great detail for us to remember all who lost their lives in this act of war against our great nation.