Have you thanked a veteran
               for your FREEDOM today?

The Freedom PT was designed and built to say:

 “Thank you to all who have fought for our Freedom for you shall live forever in our hearts.”

This includes the families of all Veterans and active Service Heroes who have fought and are still fighting to preserve our Freedom as well as all Firemen, Police, and EMT’s who fight everyday to keep our streets safe so we can sleep at night.

Dedicated to the brave men and women,
heroes one and all
who have made our freedom possible.

Freedom PT celebrates the American Spirit,
teamwork, optimism, courage and sacrifice
of the men and women who have fought
and continue to fight
for our freedom.

This is a tribute to the sacrifice and
heroism of those men and women
we will never forget!

Honoring our past to ensure our future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to raise the awareness that ‘Freedom Is Not Free’ and we all must always be thankful for what our Heroes have done and are continuing to do for us everyday. The sacrifices they and their families are making to preserve our Freedom should never go without notice and we should say ‘Thank You’ to every Veteran, Soldier, Fireman, Policeman, EMT AND their Families every time we see one.